05 chapter five: A Little Monomania is Good

A self-employed person can't afford to think conventionally. You're on your
own- if you are not productive, you won't make money. For me that's a big
plus. The better I am, the better I do.

Working for yourself is the ultimate form of self-expression. You don't turn
it off at 5pm. Everything is an opportunity. If you're cut out to be an
entrepeneur, you're already seeing opportunities everywhere. People love to
complain, whine, gripe, moan, and bellyache about their computers. I listen,
smile, nod, restrain my desire to yell "If you would take some courses to
learn to USE the darn thing you wouldn't be so frustrated!", and toss out
some ideas for improvement. "Hey, I have an attractive group rate for
training." "Why don't I come have a look, I bet I can make it a lot better."
That sort of thing. Listening to people and getting to know them gives you
all kinds of great approaches. In fact, the Linuxchix rules are a great
customer service foundation: be nice, be helpful.

In "The Millionaire Mind" the author discusses the importance of building a
good support team. We already talked about professionals, such as a CPA and a
business lawyer, and choosing supportive, positive friends. The most
important person of all is your significant other. Running a business can be
demanding, even all-consuming at times. You don't need a SO who undermines
your efforts. Who gripes about putting in long hours, or filling the living
room with computers, or putting a nice sign on your car, or whatever it is
you need to do to succeed.

Yes, I am suggesting that you dump your SO if they are whiny, obstructive,
and unhelpful. Why would you want a person like that in your life for any

A self-employed person needs a broad outlook. The more you read and talk to
people, the better. Not only publications and books that pertain to your
profession, but also business news, especially local, and the trade pubs of
industries you want to target. They are gold mines of useful information and

I bet you are already thinking along these lines and just needed to hear
someone else say it....

Carla Schroder, Bratgrrl Computing
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