Partial Courses

Sometimes a course doesn't quite get off the ground, because the instructor suddenly gets too busy or for other reasons. But even a partial course can have useful information in it.

C Programming for Absolute Beginners
Description: Introductory C programming
Instructors: Carla Schroder
Year: 2012
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Debian Packaging
Year: 2007
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Description: This tutorial will comprise of designing and implementing a security infrastructure for a small company. The basic concepts will scale up to an enterprise or down to a single host.
Instructors: Devdas Bhagat
Year: 2004-2005
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Description: The goal of this course is to network multiple home PCs, share files between them and to enable them to all connect to the internet.
Instructors: Hamster
Year: 2003
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Programming Basics
Description: Basic programming concepts
Instructors: Sonja Krause-Harder
Year: 2002
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Description: Python programming
Instructors: Sue Stones
Year: 2002
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Description: Ruby programming
Instructors: Laurel
Year: 2005
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Statistics and R
Description: Statistics and the R project for statistics and data visualization:
Instructors: A. Mani, Anne-Laure Buisson
Year: 2009-10
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Using PostgresQL
Description: A course in the use of the database management system, Postgresql. Although much less popular than its cousin, MySQL, it is, in fact, more robust, more powerful, and often faster. We'll cover installation, server administration, command-line client use, as well as remote connections via web and ODBC.
Instructors: Michelle Murrain
Year: 2007-2008
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