Archived Programming Courses

These courses were conducted on the LinuxChix Courses mailing list. Not all content is available. Please see the mailing list archives link for full course content.
Introduction to C programming
Description: This course is a combination of two C courses conducted in the same year.
Instructors: Mary & others, K. W. Melvin
Year: 2002
Mailing List: Archived discussion
Kernel Hacking
Description: Learn how to write and debug Linux kernel code
Instructors: Val Henson and Sonja Krause-Harder
Year: 2002
Mailing List: No archived discussion
Spanish translation
Introduction to Perl programming #1
Description: The course will roughly follow the Learning Perl book
Instructors: Alice Wood, Dan Richter
Year: 2003
Mailing List: Archived discussion
Introduction to Perl programming #2
Description: This course is an introduction to Perl.
Instructors: Dan Richter
Year: 2005
Mailing List: Archived discussion
Beginning Programming in Python
Instructors: Akkana Peck
Year: 2011
Mailing List: Archived discussion
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