Kernel Hacking (2002)

This is the web version of the LinuxChix Kernel Hacking Lessons. "Kernel hacking" is shorthand for writing Linux kernel code, or Linux kernel development. This is only one of many resources for learning to write Linux kernel code. The most notable resource is:

The LinuxChix Kernel Hacking course was created with the goal of encouraging more women to get involved in Linux kernel development. The biggest barrier to women participating in kernel development is self-confidence.

The "I" in the lessons is Val Henson , and the "we" is the entire grrls-only mailing list. The lessons have been updated for the 2.6 kernel by Lina MÂrtensson. The web versions of the LinuxChix Kernel Hacking Lessons were created by Sonja Krause-Harder. And Mirian Ruiz translated the Kernel Hacking Lessons to Spanish