01 chapter one: Running A Business

Hi gang,

Thought I'd go ahead and fling out an opening chapter, for your perusing

1. "it is less secure to work for yourself than to have an employer"
This one is easy- you have been paying attention the last 25 years, haven't
you? There is absolutely zero security in working for someone else. Many of
my friends have been out of work for two years now. I haven't missed a
paycheck. They've been of wildly varying sizes, but in 25 years I've never
gone hungry or had to borrow rent money.

2. Must be a super-sales ace
Nope, not at all. For some reason when I say "work for yourself" the first
thing people envision is going door-to-door, suffering rejection and abuse.
Don't do that- we'll talk about how to generate business the fun, natural way.

3. You need bank loans to get started
Nuh uh. Don't borrow money to get started.

Here is lesson #1: Decide what you want to do.
This is the hardest part for many people- they just don't know what they want
to do.

Try approaching this from the perspective of what are your true desires? What
is your true calling? What brings you joy? What challenges you? Put aside all
thoughts of what you can do to make money- don't even think about money at
this stage. When you start from 'how can I make money' you get all goobered
up and do unfulfulling things.

It doesn't matter how old you are, or what your existing skill set and
experience consists of. What Do You Really Want To Do?

Don't think 'What Should I Do?' That's crap, that's baggage that holds people

What Do I Really Want To Do?

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