01 Course Outline

First week (November 19)
What is Postgresql, why is it worth using?

Second week (November 26)
Basic installation: package and source, different distributions and platforms

Third week (December 3)
Using the postgresql client
Basic SQL: creating databases, tables

Fourth Week (December 10)
More SQL

Fifth Week (January 7)
Even more SQL

Sixth Week (January 14)
PG's permission system
PG's system tables

Seventh Week (January 21)
PG data types

Eighth week (January 27)
Administration: access control, logging, backups, file organization

Ninth week (February 4)

Tenth week (February 11)
Using Postgresql with web applications:
Perl, php, others
Using PG remotely via ODBC

Eleventh week (February 18)
Triggers and stored procedures

Twelfth Week (Feburary 25)
Conclusions, questions, wrap up.