06 Prerequisites for installing bzr

Hi everyone,

Since we're going to work with bzr later in the course, I thought I'd
forewarn people that bzr requires that you have both Python 2.4
installed, and the ElementTree Python module.

To see what Python version you have installed, try typing "python" on
the command line. It will output a number of lines in response, one of
them will look something like this:

Python 2.4.1 (#2, Mar 30 2005, 21:51:10)

[you can then press Ctrl+d to exit]

If the number after Python is not 2.4.x, you don't have Python 2.4. If
it's not included in your distribution, you can install it from here for
RPM based distributions: http://www.python.org/2.4/rpms.html

You can install ElementTree from

If you need more help with this, this thread is the right place to start,
and techtalk is the next place. If you can, let us know which
distribution and which version of it you are running. You can ask in
#tools-course on irc.linuxchix.org too.

If all this becomes just too hard, you are of course welcome to skip or
skim the bzr portions of the course, just like you can skip other bits.
CVS and Subversion will be more easily installable.