01 Class formats and contents

Heya --

Okay, I'm assuming that enough time has passed that anyone who's
interested has had time to subscribe to this list. [grin]

Could the people who are here for the security class give me an
idea of how you'd like to see the class structured, and how much
experience you've had with this sort of thing? That way I can try to
make sure that I'm not boring y'all with things you've done a million
times, or going way over your heads with some sort of arcane voodoo
that's completely incomprehensible.

As far as format goes, I can see a couple different options.
Guided discussion (my favorite), free-for-all discussion, or following a
book. Does anyone have preferences?

If we go for guided discussion, I think a good place to start
would be networked services, why you want to limit them, and how to turn
off ones you're not using. Perhaps firewalls after that? Let me know
how you think that sounds.


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