Python Resources

Recources that you can use to learn Python


There are lots of books on python you may use any that you have access
to. If you are buying one, look for something that appeals to you. I
like O'Rielly books so I suggest the following.

Learning Python. by Mark Lutz & David Asher
Python Programming. by Mark Lutz


If you prefer not to buy a book there are pleanty of online resources to
use. Here are a few places to start.

The Learning Python page
About Python
A tutorial
The Python website
The O'Rielly network
HOW TO documents
For experienced programmers
Daily News about Python
Python Cookbook

Downloadable Books
Dive Into Python
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: †Learning with Python

Medusa & Socket Programming
A HOWTO for socket programming in Python
Programming in Python with Medusa and the Async Sockets Library