15 Fun with drawing tools

Sounds like everybody is enjoying the vacation. So no lesson
this week. But I want to share a couple of images someone showed
me recently which demonstrate some neat drawing techniques.

First, they're not made with GIMP, though all the techniques used
are available in GIMP. No, not with Photoshop, either!
They're made with ... Tux Paint! By kids! (Though I'm told
the kids probably had some help.)

The first one:
Check out those clouds! Use a fuzzy brush in the paintbrush tool
and scribble some grey. Then scribble some white above it.
Make part of the white a little transparent to make it blend
into the grey. You might want two layers of white: one opaque,
one partially transparent (with the slider in the Layers dialog).
I like the scribbled sun reflection, too. (The penguins and
trees are shapes built into TuxPaint, I think.)

Second, a neat aurora effect:
Just some curved lines (drawn in a fuzzy brush) that change colors
(you could set "Use color from gradient" in the paint tool, though
none of the existing gradients are quite right so you might have
to design one; or you could just draw several different lines,
changing the color by hand). Then use the smudge tool to smudge
the colors upward. It does take a lot of smudging, but it's a neat
effect. If you find that it's taking too much smudging, try playing
with the "Rate" slider in the smudge tool options, and use a bigger
brush when smudging.

Just a couple of examples of how really simple drawing tools can
be used to create surprisingly good effects. If five and nine year
old kids can learn how to do this stuff, maybe there's hope for
those of us who are a little older.

No homework, but if you're looking for gimp projects, try playing
with transparency of layers, and with the smudge tool, in connection
with the drawing tools. You could probably also create some nice
text effects this way, using smudge or several semi-transparent
layers in combination with text.