Domain Names (2004)

Domains - 2004 - Mary

The domain names course was taught through the courses mailing list in June/July 2004.

This course is a kind of a buyer's guide: what should you look for in a domain name, where should you buy it, what can you do with it?

A domain name is a unique Internet identifier like "", "", "", "", "" and so on.

This course is aimed at people interested or possibly interesting in buying and using a domain name who do not know much about the process. It should also be useful for people who aren't interested in having a domain name at the moment but are curious about the process.

Here are the links to the Courses mailing list lessons that were part of this course:

  1. Welcome
  2. Why own a domain name?
  3. Choosing a domain name
  4. Techie interlude: nameservers
  5. Registering a domain name
  6. Choosing a host