02 Welcome to the careers course

Hi everyone,

Just welcoming anyone who's just joined the list for the Computing Careers
postings, and any of the existing subscribers who are going to follow
the course.

A recap of what we're going to do: each "lesson" in this course will be
a post describing a LinuxChick's computing career. Hopefully you can use
these for inspiration or just to get a feel for what Chix are up to in

Discussion is welcome, although if it moves too off-topic I might ask
that it moves to grrltalk. (Eg "how did you reconcile your partner's
career with yours?" is on-topic, "oh my god, you have a collie too,
where did you get him trained?" would be off.)

All posts for this course should contain "[Careers]" in the subject as
this one does: if another course starts running alongside this one it
lets people elect to receive one and not the other.

I've lined up nine or so posts for the course, they will start this
Wednesday with mine (it's only fair that I lead!)

If others are interested in contributing a post about their own career,
please see the instructions at